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Application Tips

We look forward to your application. All we need are your curriculum vitae and cover letter as well as a copy of your highest diploma certificate. You are welcome to list further education and additional qualifications in your curriculum vitae without proof of certificates.

You can submit your application documents electronically to (preferably as a PDF file) as well as on paper. Both submission forms are absolutely equivalent for us.

Your application documents should include:

Our Application Process

In order to make an informed decision, your application will go through several stages with us:

Reviewing your Application

After receiving your application, you will first receive a confirmation by e-mail or post. Your application documents will then be reviewed by the responsible division and department leaders. If you have impressed us with your application, we will immediately invite you to an interview. You will also receive immediate feedback from us, if we are unable to further consider your application in the application process.

A pleasant atmosphere for the interview is important to us. Therefore, no mechanisms such as assessments or stress interviews are used.

The first Interview

The first interview, which usually lasts an hour, takes place on site or virtually, as agreed with you. It serves the purpose to get to know each other. You will usually have this interview with one person from the relevant functional department and one person from the Human Resources department. You will have the opportunity to describe your curriculum vitae and your skills to us in detail. For our part, we present the company in the facets of our advertised position, the corporate culture and the contractual conditions.

After this interview, both parties have a few days to think about whether they can imagine a successful collaboration. We will then call you to arrange an appointment for a second interview with us on site, if both parties are interested.

The second Interview

You will have the second interview with the responsible division and department leaders, as well as a person from the Human Resources department. Now, you will receive in-depth insights into our corporate structure and the advertised position. We take the time to answer your open questions. In addition to our contractual conditions, we also discuss what your starting salary will be in the event of a future collaboration. If you have convinced us at the end of this interview, you will have a draft of an employment contract from us in your hands, which you can read in the comfort of your own home. You will then have a few days in which to decide if you want to start with us. Contract signature will either be carried out on site in person or by post where we will send you two copies of the contract of employment completed for you, of which you return one signed to us.

Now nothing stands in the way of your start with us.